July 12, 2016 | PowerCom
(Malta, NY) Power Communications, one of the country’s leading energy public relations firms, today announced the staff addition of Alexander Morse as part of a larger effort to expand the company to meet the demands of the ever-growing energy field. Mr. Morse will serve as Account Executive and will provide clients with counsel regarding strategic messaging, brand development, and media relations. In addition, Mr. Morse will serve as an outreach specialist, interacting with stakeholder groups and others involved with client projects. Read More

April 12, 2016 | Energy
The Triton is designed to harvest wave energy without using moving parts that can break down in the brutal ocean. Read More

March 26, 2016 | Energy
On March 31st, Tesla will unveil its much-heralded Model 3, their mass market electric vehicle expected to be priced at a more affordable $35,000 (prior to subsidies). Note that the car will be shipping in late 2017 only. The Model 3 will likely be more than a car: it is likely to be a catalyst in the transformation and deeper coupling (i.e. a "nexus") of the sustainable energy and sustainable transportation ecosystems. I will not comment on its wow-features as a car - but focus this article more on the Energy-Transportation nexus aspects. Read More